POSTPONED — Fraggles in Hollywood

Jim Henson Family Day has been postponed

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Special Note: The Jim Henson Company has postponed the Jim Henson Family Day at the Egyptian; more info to come.


It can be difficult to accept that people who were just little Fraggles during a certain show's heyday back in the '80s are now big Fraggles raising Muppet babies of their own.

But it is so. So when a big Henson event is ahead -- as it is on Saturday, May 22 at the Egyptian -- one can count on adults who grew up with the Gorgs and Doozers and the sweet, planet-forward messages of the Fraggles to show up in droves, the better to introduce all that wonder to their own young'uns.

Jim Henson Company Family Day, which the Producers Guild,  the New Media Council, and the Henson Company are co-presenting, will cover Fraggles, and "Sid the Science Kid," and "Wilson & Ditch: Digging America," and several other Henson properties. Sid will be there. So will a Fraggle. So will other happy things we may have an impulse to wave at, hoping for a wave back.

And there's a program of shorts entitled "A Better World: Living in Harmony," from the touring "Muppets, Music & Magic: Jim Henson's Legacy."

Grown-up tickets are $11; a kid's ticket is $9. You can pre-buy via Fandango or American Cinematheque.

By the way, on a related note: "The Muppet Movie" was recently admitted into the National Film Registry due to it possessing "cultural, historic, or aesthetic significance." If that isn't a day brightener we don't know what is.

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