Putting Baby in the Corner: No. Having a Ball: Yes!

We all have that friend who has seen "Dirty Dancing" maybe 20, 30, 100 times (in our case, our pal owned up to 57, though that was a few years ago, so the number is likely much higher). And though we've watched this seminal '80s love story maybe three or four times -- it is almost impossible to stop watching if you're flipping around on a Saturday afternoon and see it on TV -- we kind of get that devotion.

After all, consider the facts: It's got two very appealing leads. Zazzy-zazz dance numbers. Not to mention a super-galactically successful soundtrack that dominated the charts for months when the movie was released back in 1987. Did you just get "Do You Love Me?" by The Contours in your head? We did. Oh, and that fantastic Mickey & Sylvia song, too.

Okay, so we're going way back, when we should be looking forward to Sunday, April 26. American Cinematheque is screening the famous Patrick-Swayze-and-Jennifer-Grey starrer at 4PM, but starting at 2PM, the Egyptian Theatre courtyard will become fully "Dirty Dancing"-licious with lessons, a Catskillian comedian and other neato stuff (we have to go "neato" here, right? Totally in the period of the flick.) And "Dirty" devotees probably already know that the stage musical is due at the Pantages in mere weeks; with that in mind, there will be ticket giveaways, and an appearance by the actor who plays Johnny.

This is what we'd do: Find the most "Baby"-like white dress we can and head for that swinging time. Yes I hadddd, the time of my liiiife... Sunday, April 26, 2PM. Egytian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood

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