Queen Mary, Meet Queen Victoria

Two famous ships will exchange greetings and fireworks.

A single famous ocean liner is impressive enough, but two make for a party of grand proportions. We saw such an event five years back, when Queen Mary 2 met its namely predecessor on a Long Beach pass-through.

Now the Queen Victoria will be cutting the waters into the port, to say hello to the Queen Mary. The Cunard Royal Rendezvous is scheduled for Thursday, March 3, but it won't last for long; the Victoria is making her way down to the Panama Canal, and has to keep on schedule.

So. How do two regal liners greet each other? Obviously high fives and elbow bumps are out of the question. But there will be fireworks and very loud whistles of acknowledgment. It all seems very movie-out-of-1932 to us. In the best sense. Tradition, and so forth, and so on.

A few things to note. Queen Mary is waiving admission, so ship buffs can board the Promenade to watch the quick visit. And two, we'll guess a lot of people will show. So arrive early for the 6 p.m. show.

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