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· Neiman's 4th qtr net losses increased to $35.6 mill from $15.9 mill a yr ago [DNR]
· Google phone and iPhone not very similar [Apple Insider]
· People you wouldn't expect getting neck tattoos and other very visible places [NYT]
· The scarf hits fashion for all seasons [NYT]
· Statement earrings are the next thing (pictured) [NYT]
· Politics of Fashion: McCain paid $5,583 for a makeup artist [NYP]
· Big-time ad agency Wieden & Kennedy and Starbucks no longer in business [Starbucks Gossip]
· Elan Sassoon, son of Vidal, is also in the hair biz [W]

· New London label Lily & Lionel has world traveler's in mind [JC Report]For more stories from Racked LA, go to

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