Recycling: Pablo's Perspective

O.K. we have all been taught to recycle our cans, bottles and newspapers...but what else can we safely toss in the recycle bin? I'm sure it is a question we have all asked ourselves...but believe it or not, there are a number of things that we think can be thrown in the recycle bin, but shouldn't.

With nearly 200 companies around Southern California in the recycle business - we talked to one of the largest recently to find out what people are doing right and what people are doing wrong when it comes to recycling. In this story, we will show you some of the things that people toss out - that have no business ending up in the regular trash. We also learned that all of us could still do a better job recycling things we use everyday like newspapers, cans and bottles. Really... how much work does it take to separate your trash each week? At my house it is quite simple - food waste goes in the compactor; cans, bottles and most paper products go in paper bags to go in the blue bin outside. It really doesn't take much effort to recycle. In fact, we learned if everyone recycled their daily newspaper, we could save more than 41,000 trees a day....

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