Ringo. Paul. On Stage. We're Just Enjoying the Moment.

It's the parlor game that's lasted for several decades. If the Beatles reunited, like full-on reunited, or those Beatles who are still among us, rather, would you go? And how much would you pay? And what would you do to get to the show? Quit your job? Fast for a month? 

We know. There've been quickie songs here and there. We're talking a full show. Two hours. Three.

You've played this old chestnut, or some version of it, with some band that you really love. We'd wager the Beatles star most in this game, though, so seeing Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney on stage together at the E3 convention gave us, and probably many more like us, a bit of a brain tweak. Maybe. Maybe. Could it happen? Maybe.

Or should it. Well, we'll leave that to the parlor games, the "what ifs" played over a pitcher of margaritas after a long night of "White Album"-listening and random speculation. We're still holding out that Jeff Lynne might go on the road and play live to a screening of "Xanadu" -- you'd totally go to that, wouldn't you? We'd so be there, with roller skates on and those '70s-ribbon-barrettes in our hair.

And leg warmers. Sparkly leg warmers.

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