Road Trip Weekend

Minor Thread

CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP BADGES: Everyone likes a good map. Everyone likes to brag about their last adventure. Why not combine the two, via these pins from Minor Thread? Wear the place you just returned from. Or, just wear pins so fellow travelers will recognize a kindred soul. Via Minor Thread, $4

FUZZY DICE: We saw a guy with a sign hanging from his rearview mirror, and the sign said "Fuzzy Dice." Laughed. But, we also like the real thing, especially in hot pink. If you're doing a classic roll, you'll want some bright-hued cubes dangling in your own sweet machine. Via Hot Rod Girl, $6.99

SIGG WIDE MOUTH WATER BOTTLE: Keeps the whole bottle-and-can-rolling-around-the-car-floor thing to a minimum. One electric pink water bottle, fill up along the road. Plus: more cash for those little sour gummy candies you only allow yourself to buy when you're outside the city limits. $24.99

CAR KARAOKE: A game you should definitely purchase if you're headed out on your first weekend with that someone special. How else to know if he/she knows all the words to all the right songs? The right songs in your book, that is. We found this at the Rand McNally store. Those people know keeping people entertained on the move. $11.99 sale

"ROAD FOOD": From Gourmet scribes Jane and Michael Stern. We like this book for all the out-of-the-way restaurants it suggests (700+), the stories of the people who run and work at the eateries, and the food. All the food. Road trip=pie time. Via Amazon, $14.93

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