San Diego Spicy: Sriracha Festival

Do you use the caliente condiment on everything? 'Fess up, then eat up.

DESCRIBE SRIRACHA WITHOUT "HOT": If fans can ably describe a popular condiment without employing the one word most associated with it, does that make it a condiment for the ages? Even iconic? We vote yes, and we vote that this can easily be done with Sriracha. The green-topped spicy stuff -- also sometimes called Rooster Sauce, thanks to the fowl on the front of the squeezie bottle -- is, of course, quite hot, though it is not the hottest of all pourables (we're looking at you, habanero salsas and other piquant pepper sauces). But "hot" is often the label people apply to Sriracha, even though "tangy" and "slightly sweet" and "full of body" and "impossible to go a day without" all apply. Granted, "impossible to go a day without" isn't a single word, but ask any Sriracha-ist if this description holds true and they'll nod with enthusiasm. (They'd answer "yes" but there mouth is likely full of a Sriracha-laden taco or rice dish.) Those fans, and many others who incorporate the Rooster into their day-to-day, are making for San Diego's Liberty Station on Saturday, Sept. 20 when the goopiest of good flavorful stuff gets its day of delicious due. It's the Sriracha Festival, from Food GPS.

21 AND OVER: Yep, it is for the of-age Sriracha buffs, and a bevy of regional chefs'll be out, red-yummy bottles at their sides. Craig "Andy" Beardslee of the always humming Hash House a Go Go'll be on the grounds, as will Joe Kraft of Wow Wow Waffle. Some dishes of the day shall include baguette sliders with Sriracha-beer cheese, a Sriracha porter quiche, and a brisket redolent of Arrogant Bastard Ale and Sriracha. And will there be desserts rocking a hint of the Rooster? You betcha. Mama's Kitchen is a beneficiary -- they deliver meals to hundreds of people impacted by AIDS and cancer throughout San Diego and its environs -- so know your ticket is lending a hand. Want more information? You'll find it here, Srirachian.

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