Santa Monica Puppetry Festival Opens

There are days when we feel like invisible strings are yanking at us. You too? That's why we're kind of crazy for puppets. We feel for them. We'd probably talk to them, if no one was looking. And that's why we'll be at the Santa Monica Puppetry Festival, a celebration of the marvels of marionettes, this weekend.

Puppets have been relegated to being solely children's entertainment, but adults, and adult-themed humor, have long been a major part of the craft (witness Jim Henson's Muppets, which know their wiseacre-y way around a sassy punchline). The Santa Monica celebration will have plenty of family to-dos -- Lambchop will be in the house -- as well as legendary (and we mean that word) French actress Leslie Caron. Her film "Lili" screens at the Aero on Saturday (expect serious cinephiles/Francophiles to be out in force), while performances aplenty are scheduled for the Miles Memorial Playhouse.

Might "puppeteer" be the single best job a person can have on his or her resume? Yes, we believe it might be.

Miles Memorial Playhouse, 1130 Lincoln, Santa Monica

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