Save Us, 1980s Hair!

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We were just talking about economic woes the other day, and what pulled us out of our cash-flow slumps, as a country, in the past. One theory? Flock of Seagulls hair. Oh, sure, there will be other proposals put forth involving trade, manufacturing and job creation, but if you look back at the last time we were in a really tight spot, fabulous, teased-up or gelled-down hair was an early predictor that things might check out okay in the checking account department.

Blue Mondays at Boardner's is leading the way on this particular cause. It's all skinny-tie-flaunting, pegged-pants '80s joy, music and decadence late into the night. It's Simon Le Bon's jaunty fedora from "Hungry Like the Wolf" and shades of Cure-coiffure black (shouldn't there be a crayon in that color?) and Lauper-esque petticoats on stylish gals. We like, that at the start of the week, we could go somewhere and drink frothy cocktails to Devo or Prince.  Makes Monday go down smooth.

So why not help the economy along and go back to outlandish, 1980s-style 'dos right now? Aren't you tired of being perpetually under-moussed? Shouldn't we all show our confidence through our hairstyles? Past is prologue.

Blue Mondays at Boardner's
Mondays, 10PM-2AM
1652 Cherokee Avenue, Hollywood

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