Savor Santa Ana: Dine Around Downtown

Get to know the fab 'n funky grub of the up 'n up 'n up area.

THE EYES... are bigger than the tummy, so it is often said, but the ol' chestnut leaves off a very important bit: The eyes and the tummy have to work in tandem when a "Taste of"-style event arrives in a foodie-cool neighborhood. Because it is one thing to sit down to a plate of delicious-looking food, but quite another to know that you are striding into a many-restaurant event with a hand full of tasting tickets. You really do have to pause, think things through, and not let your eyes grow far larger than your stomach. Because there shall be much sampling, and trying, and chewing, and discussion with your other food-obsessed friends. If you're ready to put your eyes and tum in full accord, then be in Downtown Santa Ana on Thursday, July 23 for Savor Santa Ana, an evening devoted to the edibles of one of Orange County's most walkable, most written about, and most I-feel-great-to-be-here neighborhoods.

THAT GREAT-TO-BE-HERE FEELING... stems from the array of eateries within just a couple of blocks. Gypsy Den is there, and Little Sparrow, and The Copper Door. Spend ten bucks online to get five tastings, though, depending on where your appetite is that day, you may want to spend more (there's a Foodie Pass for $45, too). The choices are plentiful -- a past Savor Santa Ana boasted such bites as a mini ninja chicken bowl at Ninjas with Appetite and handmade desserts at Blackmarket Bakery -- so scouting the whole multi-street (yet snug) neighborhood first, to see who is doing what, will probably work in your favor. Want to check out a recent Savor Santa Ana, just to get the vibe? You can right here. Want to hook into the July 2015 outing, and line up those tickets ASAP? You can right here. Need to align your tummy and eyes, as far as not noshing on too much too fast? We'll leave that private conversation to you three, but don't skip it; it's an important one to have at any all-this-food-is-yum event.

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