Scala & Kolacny Brothers Playing El Rey

Scala Kolacny Brothers El Rey
Scala & Kolacny Brothers

When you first saw the trailer for "The Social Network," two thoughts probably went through your head: 1) "That's odd. This Facebook movie may actually be pretty good," and 2) "That cover of 'Creep' has given me goose bumps that will probably last for days."

You were right on both counts.

By now you've already seen "The Social Network." What you haven't seen is the band behind the trailer. Get ready for more goose bumps.

The Scala & Kolacny Brothers are performing at the El Rey Theatre on Thursday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 and still available online.

In case you can't make the show, the all-female Belgian rock choir is recording a segment for "Conan" that is scheduled to air on Monday.

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