Screamfest LA: Tomorrow’s Horror Today

"Paranormal Activity" had its debut here; what will next break big?


Remember a little film called "Paranormal Activity"?

Oh, that's too cheeky. If you like scary movies, the made-famously-for-$11,000 horror flick was pretty much in your central vision 'round about 2007 and 2008. It spawned two sequels. Or, rather, a sequel and a prequel, which is due for a wide opening next week. And, more than than, it influenced loads of other low-budgeters with its high-tension, low-gore thrills.

Screamfest LA, which is one of the big horror film festivals, here or anywhere, gave "Paranormal Activity" its first public screening. Meaning? Scary flick fans count on the cinema to-do to unleash the cult favorites and big-screen sensations that'll be creating talk a year or two down the line.

The festival opens on Friday, Oct. 14 and runs through Sunday, Oct. 23. The titles bewitch, as they should: "Crawl" is the opening night feature. "Vamperifica," "Chillerama," and "Incubator" are all ahead. And yes. There's a movie called "Roid Rage." Hoo boy.

The action is centered around Hollywood and Highland. Ticket info and schedule can be found here. Will you brag that you happened to be in the audience for 2013's huge horror sensation? You should, if you are, and there's a good chance you might be.

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