Screwball Week at the Cinematheque

Laugh along with the Marx Brothers.

No doubt about it; the merriest season tends to be the screwballiest time of the year.

The cat's up the tree. The roast never cooked (your uncle forgot to turn the oven on). And the gift that's supposed to light up and dance? Does neither.

So laughing with antics of fictional people having uproarious episodes? Totally fits. That's why we're headed for the screwball movies at the American Cinematheque.

There are some tried-and-true laugh-makers -- the Marx Brothers are once again headlining New Year's Day for the series -- and some quieter, silkier gems -- helloooo, lovely "Ninotchka." And in the general mix? Crackerjack comedy classics like "Sullivan's Travels" and "My Man Godfrey."

The New Year's Day Marx-a-thon tends to get the lion's love (come to think of it, didn't a lion or two cameo in some of the Marx movies?) and that lion's love will be enhanced by a Marx grandson appearance. None other than Andy Marx'll be in the house to introduce the fun.

Oh, and that house? It's the Aero Theatre. We are certain that the Aero will be left as everyone found it. Sure, in a screwball movie chairs get upended and dishes fly and curtains often come down. But we're hoping all popcorn stays in the popcorn bags and patrons stay in their seats during the run. A screwball audience during a screwball movie is never necessary.

The screwball gets rolling on Wednesday, Dec. 28 and continues right on into 2012.

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