Seattle, Now Maine: Where Else Will Sexy Java Go?

We're not sure why it surprised us that the topless coffeehouse landed in a state where wearing any less than a knit cap, and a parka, and a muffler, and a scarf wrapped around everything but your eyes, is considered tempting a cold or the flu for much of the winter. But, indeed, Maine is now home to this bare-it-(nearly)-all business, a skin-showing drink emporium that was much talked about, before it had even opened, at the start of this year. (Is this year really a sixth over?)

But we recall that roving reporter -- make that wisecracking, roving reporter -- Bill Geist visited a similar establishment in 2007, this time in Seattle. No toplessness there, or at least not while the cameras were on, but little was left to the imagination; talk about your steaming brew. And now that we think about it, every major coffee trend, whether it is extra foam on top, or fewer articles of clothing, seems to start in that trend-making, latte-loving city. So really, should we have been jolted by the java news from the state of Maine?

And, we wonder, where this trend will be reheating coffeehouses next. We just want to know where we can get a piping hot Americano, extra water, for like a buck thirty. That's our dream...

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