See Bugs, Hold Bugs, Taste Bugs, Love Bugs

Books, encyclopedias, entire libraries have cataloged the wonders of the insect world and all the amazing things that bugs do. And yet there are still some spindly, be-winged creatures out there who possess strange willy-giving properties, despite what they provide for the planet.

But most of us can get over our spider-based shudders for a day and admire the beautiful, mysterious, multi-hued and multi-legged crawlees on display at the Natural History Museum's annual Bug Fair. The collectors are a major presence at the event, which boasts dozens of vendors showing off buzzy creatures of every stripe. But casual enthusiasts, the people keen to eye very large, very hairy arachnids if someone else handles them at a distance, are also out in force.

The most famous part of the weekend celebration is the cooking segment; at least, it tends to get the most press. Which is no surprise, really, given the fact that chef whips up dishes using ingredients like silkworms and grubs and such, and then invites the audience to sample. 

Our friend, a few years ago, tried everything offered and even had a second serving of a rice-and-bugs dish. "Crunchy," was the one word he used, with a smile. Crunchy. We're still regretting passing on that one. Honest.

Bug Fair, May 16-17, Natural History Museum

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