Seeing See’s

A classic California company holds a sweet contest.

See's Candies

If you've lived in the Golden State for a good amount of time, and you happen to be in possession of a sweet tooth, you likely, on occasion, get a hankering for a See's candy. Maybe "on occasion" for you means weekly, or daily; we certainly aren't judging.

But the classic checkerboarded See's boxes are a California holidaytime staple, for sure. So when the 90-year-old company announces a contest, and that contest involves an oh-so-rare, oh-so-Willy-Wonka-ish peek behind the scenes, and there are free lollypops to boot, we unhand our favorite nuts and chews and take notice.

National Lollipop Day is on Wednesday, July 20, and the See's locations throughout the Golden State -- there are over 200 of 'em -- will be handing out free lollypops (there will be boxed lollypop specials as well). In addition, there's that contest we mentioned, which will fly a lucky lollypop lover to San Francisco for a rare See's factory tour. The lollypop lover's BFF gets to go, too.

It's all a bit "the man behind the curtain," right? We suspect that See's is made in the usual and traditional way, without a room full of edible flowers. But it would still be a pleasure to see candies get dipped in the way they've been for decades. Figure if you win you'll brag about it forever.

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