Shag Gets Spooky

Oh Shag. We're so exceedingly fond of your whimsical, cocktail-cool work. The swanked-out backyard tiki parties. The '60s-swirl soirees peopled with beret-wearing, goateed cats and ladies in bouffants. All the calendars and books and the Shag stuff, everywhere we go. It charms.

You like the retro stuff. And you've turned your paintbrush on the Haunted Mansion, which delights us no end. Nope, you're not *actually* painting that old, weathered, mysterious pile of phantoms and tales long past that sits at the edge of Disneyland's New Orleans Square; rather you've created fresh art in honor of the attraction's 40th birthday.

Wait, the Haunted Mansion is turning 40? We hope we look that good on our 40th. Well. Maybe not quite as cobwebby. Or riddled with tombstones.

The famous, end-of-the-ride hitchhiking ghosts are part of the Shag artworks, of course; so are other characters, and the hulking house itself. And, naturally, the whole thing is done up in Shaggy purples, blues, and greens, hues that pop.

He's signing his work on Main Street on Sunday, August 9th from 10AM-1PM (note this is inside the park, so you'll need to pay admission to attend); if you're a Shag fan, we'd go. If you're a Disneyland fan, we'd go. And if you're a Shag *and* Disneyland fan, your weekend just got better. Spookier, but better.

We'd probably ride Haunted Mansion *pre-signing* and then head on over to Main Street. Full experience. And Mansion maniacs -- of which we are one -- should note: More celebrations are ahead in September. Don't let those teeth chatter. It's just probably the greatest ride ever. Pirates, we're sweet on you, too, but Haunted Mansion? The creepy, follow-you busts? The breathing door? Doom buggies? This foolish mortal is mad for it. Clearly Shag is, too.

And now, to find, a way out!

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