Should This Be You Right Now? Probably.


Like many Angelenos, we can get a tad ho-hum about all the giant objects and spectaculars and extravaganzas that show up, seemingly while we were sleeping, in the heart of Hollywood.

Oh, another premiere/promotion/concert for 10,000? Pause. Is Highland open? Or should we maybe take Cahuenga?

Really, though, we're not jaded. We get stoked about big Boulevard things.The latest is The G-Force Experience, which opened across from El Capitan Theatre in July. Going hand-in-hand -- or maybe that is paw-in-paw -- with "G-Force," the guinea-pigged-out actioner playing at the El Cap, the G-Force Experience is a temporary, all-stops-pulled-out place to go play. Kids, adults, everyone could cross over to Hollywood & Highland to horse around and get sweaty and move a bit after seeing the movie.

Always good to move around after a movie. Because, all the sugar. You're pepped.

But now "G-Force" the movie is closing on Monday, September 7th, which means the companion Experience is wrapping up, too. And another big Boulevard thing bids farewell. In short, if you're making for "G-Force," better put some force behind it.

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