Silverlake Wine Gin Tasting at Three Clubs

Silverlake Wine co-owner George Cossette continues his monthly spirit tasting series at Three Clubs in Hollywood on July 21. He’ll feature six gins – some traditional, some obscure, some new - in order to teach people the differences between gins and how they’re produced.

According to Cossette, “This is a way for the uninitiated to experience gin in a safe, controlled environment, and for the aficionado to try some things they may not have had.”

He’s featuring Plymouth English Gin, made at England’s oldest operating distillery. Guests will also taste Broker’s London Dry Gin, Voyager Dry Gin (Washington), Hayman’s Old Tom Gin (England), Ransom Old Tom Gin (Oregon) and Boomsma Fine Old Genever (Holland). As Cossette said, “Many people say Genever was the first gin.” You’re also liable to taste two gin cocktails: the Martinez and its offspring, the martini.

The gin tasting begins precisely at 7 PM and costs $30 cash, per person. This event is by reservation only and space is limited. Call Silverlake Wine at 323-662-9024 to reserve. Don’t call Three Clubs. If you like what you taste, Silverlake Wine will take orders at Three Clubs, featuring a 15% discount off the shelf price. Bottles will be available for pick-up at Silverlake Wine. Be warned: Cossette pointed out that gin is sometimes referred to as “blue ruin.” [Feast LA]

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