Sing, Dance, Sing, Sleep, Sing, Flirt, Sing, Sleep…

Each and every year, in a "Groundhog Day"-like scenario, we have the same conversation with the same friend regarding Coachella. "Where are you staying?" we ask. And she launches into a convoluted tale about her room falling through, an ongoing fight with some cousin who has a house in the desert, but her husband may have a tent lined up, maybe, maybe not, and then finally, a woeful sigh. She knows she's probably not going to make it. She needs a miracle.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, we lend solace while remaining deeply unsurprised. When thousands and thousands of people head to the desert en masse for a massive, star-studded three-day party, accommodations get tight, there's sometimes drama, there's much bunking up, and sleepover plans can change in an instant. And now that the giant hoedown is just a week away, the "gotta find a bed" drumbeat is growing louder.

The inn-loving in-crowd over at Hotel Chatter have a round-up of the "Five Best Last-Minute Hotels" around Coachella. If you're still without a spot to bed-down, we suggest eyeballing it once. Or finding that third cousin you never knew who may or may not have a house that's only like 45 minutes off the 10.

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