Snow Summit: Kids Ski Free (But Act Fast)

The season isn't quite over yet, so make for the slopes with your tots (and save).

IF YOU'VE EVER SEARCHED FOR EGGS... in the snow, then chances are incredibly probable that you've resided in the sort of location that can still see flakes into the middle of springtime. But for most Southern Californians, the concept of Easter traditions and a lot of cold white stuff just don't go together. Unless, of course, you decide to make a family tradition of making for the slopes on the holiday, for a little fresh air, a little fun time, and, most important, togetherness-type bonding. That's easier than ever in 2017, thanks to the wallop of a winter we just experienced, with lots of rain in the lowlands and a notable amount of snow at our ski destinations. And while a few of those slope-y spots'll push into Memorial Day Weekend, and even the Fourth of July, some will say farewell earlier than that. Snow Summit will have a "mid-April" closure, and while that's pretty dang soon, there is a perk if you're hoping to go up with the family. And that perk?

KIDS SKI FREE, through "the end of the Winter Season," which means you and your kin can start an Easter weekend ski tradition now, since April 16 is, as of this typing, the final open day for skiing at Snow Summit. (Do check first, though, before heading up the mountain, to make sure about openings and closings and such, for it is that time of year.) The free-for-kids skiing is good for skiers under the age of 12, do note, and "everyone must have a lift ticket before hitting the slopes." There are some other icy asterisks, so bone up before having your last seasonal hurrah, and throwing your last snowball before November or December arrives.

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