“Spamalot” Stand-by Line: Potential Free Tix (Huzzah!)

Oh we do love a Monty Python buff. We're Monty Python buffs, true, but we're talking about the devotees that know every line Michael Palin uttered in the Flying Circus episode "Owl Stretching Time" or can sing every song in "Meaning of Life" by heart (we're keen on "The Galaxy Song" ourselves).

Truly, we follow those Pythoniac people around, all puppy-dog-eyed, because they are *cool*. Period.

And they'll likely be in line on Wednesday, July 8th, for the opening of "Spamalot" at the Ahmanson. That is, if they don't already have tickets. But for one night only -- July 8th -- the Center Theatre Group is doing a free ticket standby line. You can get the details here, but note there are a few caveats. Tickets have to be leftover for there to be tickets to be given away for free; of course. And getting there and securing a spot in line way ahead of show time -- 4PMish or earlier is when the line will start, says Center Theatre Group -- will be key.

But. But but... Think of all the musical/Monty Python fans you shall meet in the queue. All the ribald joking. The line quoting. The promises to find each other later on Facebook. Even if you don't get a free ticket to opening night, you could connect with another Cleese fan for life.

Raising a bejeweled goblet to that...

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