Squeal, Then Weigh In: Baby Sloth Name

The San Diego Zoo needs your two cents in naming a female sloth.

ONLINE PHENOMENON: Dozens of examples of new internet-inspired lingo have sprung up over the last two decades, but we haven't yet heard of a term for what we're about to describe. You know how you come across a photo of a precious animal being precious and you immediately have to close the page, or go to a new tab, because the sudden preciousness may very well overwhelm you? "Squee" and "squeal" don't go far enough; let's call it "emotions-tugging-o-sity," yes? Because that is what it is, and that is what the baby sloth at the San Diego Zoo has caused many fans to experience in recent days.

BUT... we need you to return to the sloth's picture, and page, no matter how fervently your emotions have been tugged. Because the zoo needs your assistance: The female sloth needs a name and four excellent choices have been provided. Xena, is one -- short for the super order "Xenathra," which includes sloths. The others? The beautiful Dulce, the sweet Subida, and Guiana, an homage to a region that sloths call home.

AND SHOULD YOU BE... in full animal-naming mode, check this out: The Aquarium of the Pacific will give the public a chance to name one of the institution's penguin chicks at an Oct. 19 event. Tuxedo? Snowy? Best start thinking now. The evening is a fundraiser, too, so if you go you'll be lending a fin. We mean wing. Er, hand.

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