Stars Show for Free Peek at Fall TV

Oh, great glowing box in the living room. We take you so seriously here in the land that still makes a goodly bulk of what you transmit. So seriously that we don't merely salute and honor those programs and series that already exist and have won fans and been on the air for many years. We're seriouser than that, even; we spotlight those series yet to come, with parties and starry appearances and free food. Free food even! You know we're serious.

Such is life in Los Angeles, and we're not knocking it. Au contraire; we think it is a special town, and we like the preview nights at The Paley Center. The September event we're speaking of is actually called "PaleyFest: Fall TV Preview Parties Presented by TV Guide Magazine," and it rounds up a bunch of shows-to-be and their stars over a handful of nights.

There's a FOX night, the NBC night, an evening of CBS, The CW, and ABC. New shows getting lots of attention -- "Glee," "Community," "The Vampire Diaries" -- will be talked about, and stars of various shows will stop by. Also, in big letters on the Paley site: Free food and free drink.

Everything begins with FOX night on September 9th; there's a reception before every event, so things get going around 6PM. If you want to attend, here are some important things to note. It's free. Free free free. Excellent. But. You need to reserve your spot ahead of time. And, if there's a show you're excited about, and it is listed in the shows getting spotlighted, you best make the reservation quick-like. Today-like, even.

Is it fall already? Halloween aisles springing up. Hello, new television.

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