Natalie Portman at Mercado La Paloma, Tori Spelling (actually) Eating at The Stand, MORE

1) Mercado La Paloma: Yesterday Natalie Portman checked out Trekking L.A./GOOD Magazine's Global Feasts, Local Streets event. She skipped the Thai food but seemed interested in the Chichen Itza menu. [StarWatch Inbox]

2) RockSugar: Earlier this week Eliza Dushku and former Laker Rick Fox came in for dinner. The two were very affectionate, hugging and kissing a lot. [StarWatch Inbox]

3) The Stand: Per an excited tipster: "Well, I was at the The Stand and in one sitting at lunch there was Tori Spelling actually eating! Billy Crudup and his family and they were shooting some documentary and Dave Grohl was there as well and they were interviewing him. I asked what for and it was about that hot dog thing you posted the other day and told me it was on you tube. Here's the link." [StarWatch Inbox]

4) Haejangchon: Before Wilco's 6/22 show at The Wiltern, Mikael Jorgensen (keyboardist) and his wife were spotted enjoying the marinated short ribs. Mikael appeared to be texting on his iPhone throughout the meal. [StarWatch Inbox]

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