Stooge Away That Holiday Stress

Nyuk nyuk it up, Los Angeles.

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Common wisdom, or urban lore, or preconceived notions, say that all guys everywhere worship the Three Stooges. The Alex Film Society throws its annual Three Stooges festival on Saturday, November 28th at 2PM, and while the guy factor in the audience is likely to be up there, we're going to take a wild guess and say that the female fandom will be high as well.

Now in its 12th year, the Three Stooges Big Screen Event is a post-Thanksgiving yuk-'em-up full of guffaws, more guffaws and old-school slapstickery (something we could all use more of, especially after a holiday spent talking about jobs, the future and so forth). The Alex Theatre in Glendale is the traditional seat of all the silliness.

Thanksgiving stress melting away. Laughs. Bring 'em.

Born in the era of vaudeville, the Stooges depended heavily on gags and physical comedy set around an outrageous situation. No complicated wordplay, lots of various blows about the head and pokes to the eye region, some rampant roughousing, and "nyuks" aplenty are on the bill.

On the roster for 2009: "False Alarms," "Three Sappy People," "Calling All Curs," "No Census, No Feeling," and a 3D treat called "Spooks" (the Alex people say they'll supply the glasses). Plus, there will be raffles and some merry surprises during the day.

No one is saying you have to dress up a la Moe, Curly or Larry, but if you want to get in the spirit, this is the event. We're just glad the turkey will be done and over with, because we might be tempted to return home and stick it on a loved one's head (or maybe our own).

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