Stroll the Venice Canals on Eye-Pleasing Tour

Sometimes it just occurs to us that we live in a city with canals. Canals! And we want to jump for joy, or swim for happiness, or something. Because that is not a geographical feature every metropolis can lay claim to, and it is so very luscious and unique, and the Venice canals have such the fascinating, come-and-play history. Abbott Kinney=the man with the plan so big, they named a street after him. Not mention Abbott's Habit. Mmm.

The Annual Venice Garden and Home Tour is a self-guided -- we're all about the self-guided anything -- stroll through some of the most picturesque abodes in that colorful, skateboard-y, bungalow-and-incense-laden ocean-close burg. (We didn't include that Venice is also the giant-five-o'clocked-shadowed-clown-ballerina burg, because that probably goes without saying.)

This year, the canals are the focus of the big tour. Would-be strollees can find ticket info here (proceeds for the day go to the Las Doradas Children's Center). The date is Saturday, May 2, and if you don't get your tickets in advance you can purchase them at the Center the day of (note the price goes up).

Here's why you should go: Over two dozen pretty plots and homes will be available for admiring. The weather is fine and balmy. And the canals are just lapping away, being all canal-y and historic and photogenic. We are so lucky to live in such a grand and often whimsical place that can support and maintain such handsome waterways. We mentioned that already, right? Lucky.

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