Summertime “Sunset” to Shine Downtown

LA Conservancy announces a Last Remaining Seats pick.

It isn't a big surprise, really, that LA Conservancy members would vote "Sunset Boulevard" as the Fan Favorite movie for the Last Remaining Seats summertime screenings.

But sometimes big surprises are decidedly not good (say, there's one at the start of "Sunset Boulevard," in the pool, spoiler spoiler spoiler). And this Billy Wilder-helmed, made-in-1950 choice is decidedly very good, and it also heralds the fact that summer will, yes, eventually, possibly, return to Los Angeles.

And Last Remaining Seats, the downtown movie palace nights, will once again be a centerpiece of it. It'll be the 25th annual outing for the whole dust-off-the-vintage-theater-and-show-a-classic-movie series, which are beyond popular. They're tres in-demand, in fact, so keep watch here so you can be on top of your ticket-getting.

We just hate to type things like "in-demand" and "popular" here, with thoughts to Norma Desmond. She's still popular with us, regardless of whether the pictures have gotten small or not.

On the Fan Favorite page, "Double Indemnity" and "Casablanca" were right up there, too. Again, no big surprise. Which is nice.

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