Swingin’ “Mad Men”-style Party

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Linda Jahraus

SIZZLING '60S: We're of the school of thought that you probably shouldn't step foot on the Pearl Hotel's property without a hefty dollop of Brylcreem in your hair, or a gaudy, starburst brooch. Of course, the reservationist does not hold you to such a costume-y promise when you book a room -- they're polite, after all -- but we won't be swayed. You should gussy-it-up, mid-century-style, when staying at the San Diego sleep-spot. But on Saturday, March 12, you'll certainly have good reason to: The hotel is throwing a Swingin' '60s "Mad Men" party.

NO COVER: That's the best bit. Well, the second best bit, after the idea that everyone'll be prancing around with back-combed 'dos for the ladies and  the single-button suits that Don Draper kind of rocks. Period music will be on the hi-fi, and Draper-esque concoctions in highball-y glasses. Bash is on from 9 p.m. to midnight. Come ready to talk events of the day, we say, and by "the day" we mean 45 years ago.

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