Temecula Spring: Blessing of the Vines

Fine vinos and a longtime tradition round out April, at South Coast Winery.

WHEN BUDS BEGIN TO POP... and baby lambs begin to "baaa" and trees show their brand-new leaves and the sunlight pushes into evening, you can bet a bevy of springtime traditions will flower, like so many daffodils along a mountain pass. But like the cherished customs of the other seasons, the touchstones of March, April, May, and June don't arrive in one flavor or form. There's the searching for colorful eggs, yes, and the cheering at opening day at your favorite baseball diamond, and the hugging of moms and graduates. And, if you're at the right place, say, an award-winning winery in Temecula Valley, on the exact day, like Sunday, April 30, 2017, you'll witness another spring-sweet to-do that can be a tad rarer on the whole "spring traditions" line-up. It's the Blessing of the Vines, and South Coast Winery Resort & Spa will once again break out the celebratory stems (on glasses and vines) to honor this weather-warming rite.

THE AFTERNOON AFFAIR... swans from 4 to 7 o'clock on the final day of April, and general admission is $55. "Wine Country BBQ" is on the flavorful menu, as are fine wines and tunes from Guilty Conscience. The vines shall receive their hope-happy benediction during the party, which means, yes, all of the revelry will happen just steps away from where those succulent South Coast grapes grow. If you're infatuated with all things spring, from the sunshine to the lavender to the baby birds, and you also consider yourself a vino aficionado, here's your next seasonal tradition to gratefully and cheerfuly observe.

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