Tequila & Taco Music Festival

The 4th annual event takes over a spirited swath of downtown Ventura.

MARGARITA MARVELOUS: When one is pondering sipping something cold and lime-laden and salty-of-rim and full of sweet tequila-o-sity, one concurrently ponders what sort of snack might be enjoyed at the very same time. We don't typically reach for the ice cream container when drinking a margarita, though, and cereal isn't really at the top of the pair-up list here, as lovely as it might be. But chips and tacos? Yeah, we crave their savory, crunchy, corn-tortilla-riffic flavors, because those are the flavors that everyone knows go best with a margarita, be it on the rocks or blended. (No, seriously, this is just an "everyone knows" kind of thing.) To find both together isn't too difficult, but to find a lot of both likely means you're at a mondo festival of some sort. And if you're in downtown Ventura on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24 you shall be at such a big event, the 4th annual...

TEQUILA & TACO MUSIC FESTIVAL: Step #1 is to find your stay-over package, and Marriott Ventura Beach and The Clocktower Inn both have rooms going for revelers. As for what's happening at the fest? Samples of primo mezcal on Saturday, fancy street tacos galore (think shrimp, carne asada, calabacitas, steak, chicken, you name it), and host of bands playing live. And if you want to do it all again, you won't have to wait too long: Santa Cruz is stop #2 for the festival, over the final weekend of August. Start booking your fest-close stay-over spots now, and dreaming of the delicious, soft, foldable, full of tangy tastiness tacos you'll soon be consuming.

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