Terranea Resort: Music on the Meadows

What are you and your pops doing on Father's Day Saturday? There's an ocean-close concert on, and more.

FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND... is frequently spent on a grassy or nature-lovely area, at least when it comes to traditional outings. There's the round of golf with your dad, or heading down to the batting cages, or setting up the barbecue to grill some burgers. But recent years have seen another trend tied to the holiday, one that also involves the outdoors but something else, too: live tunes. Alfresco concerts that are cool enough to invite your forever-cool dad to are springing up around the third weekend in June, and they're open to everyone who wants to buy a ticket, including those not marking the holiday. Whether that sounds like a pursuit made for your pops, or you just dig singer-songwriter Colin Hay and Pacific-bracing air, best pencil in Saturday, June 18. You've got a date with...

MUSIC ON THE MEADOWS... at Terranea Resort. That's right, this is the pretty events area at the Rancho Palos Verdes getaway, a stretch made for sound-listening, brew- or wine-sipping enjoyment. And, yep, we did say Colin Hay, of Men at Work (and an exception solo run, one filled with thought-provoking ditties of the most lyrical sort). He'll be playing the afternoon-long happening, along with other musical acts, so book your package, grab your Terranea blanket (this is a definite spread-the-blanket-out kind of outdoor bash), find a beverage, and dig into your gratis prepackaged lunch. Want to look into staying over? There's a code for that. Want to treat dad to something in an under-the-sky setting that's a bit different from golf and barbecuing, as time-honored as those are? An ocean-close afternoon concert, on Father's Day Eve, may just fit that bonding bill.

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