The At-Home Golden Globe Party Explained

Hosting a Globes party has its subtleties.

The plump-up-the-couch pillows, set-the-guac-and-chips-out awards party is a Los Angeles staple. We recognize that other people in other cities might participate in this festive annual ritual (so much so even Evite has awards-themed invitations at the ready), but really, people at the home parties around town very often know the celebrities waving from the red carpet, or have worked with them, or are cousins with the catering person on the star's latest movie. In other words, watching an awards show in Southern California is like watching the home town team at bat.

But when it comes to the bevy of televised awards ceremonies that unfurl every wintertime -- the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the Academy Awards, among others -- are there different approaches to how one approaches their own bash?

Slight differences do exist, although if you were to host the same party three times in a row, no one would know the difference (plus you'd be the most popular person in your circle -- three shindigs in a matter of weeks). The Oscars come later, when things are slightly brighter and warmer, so you might pull out the grill if the weather cooperates.  And if you're baking cookies in the shape of the statues -- and it seems like every party we've ever been to, some intrepid baker shows up with a plate of statue-y pastries -- brush up on your general forms (the Golden Globes is more orb-y, of course; the Oscar, long and lean). 

Also, the nominees are (famously) imbibing during the Golden Globes. Best keep the bar open in your own kitchen throughout the night.

We'd also make sure we'd invited a few television-loving trivia-oids to our Golden Globes party. The Oscars get-together can be strictly peopled with cinephiles, but since the Globes fetes the small screen in addition to movies, you're going to want to have your sitcom smarties nearby to advise and comment. And for the SAG awards, a few SAG members mingling at the party is practically mandatory.

Other than that, make sure the bubbly is on ice (or, at the very least, the Pabst isn't room temperature), the chips are salty and everyone arrives in a lively, talk-back-to-the-TV, this-movie-has-got-to-win kind of mood.

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