The Call Goes Out to Friends of Funky Film

Resolutions? What resolutions? Oh, they're still floating around somewhere, if we dig deep. One was to volunteer more. Another was to support the smaller businesses around town. Good thing, then, that those two things have neatly dovetailed together in one fantastic opportunity.

Cinefamily honcho Hadrian Belove sent out the call today to anyone who wants to lend a hand at Silent Movie Theatre, the Cinefamily's movie-laden HQ. And he literally means a hand, as in helping out on projects like the folding of programs. Beside program-foldery, there will be other exceedingly helpful ways to put your time and efforts to good use, so give the theater a ring at 323-655-2510.

We adore Silent Movie Theatre, a Fairfax landmark that every celluloid buff should feel compelled to fight tooth and nail (or popcorn and Junior Mint) to keep on the up-and-up. We also adore the Cinefamily, the smart, sass-off team that puts together a sparkly, sometimes sinister monthly program that makes us laugh, makes us blush, makes us recoil (in a good way), and fills us with cinematic merriment. 

Bonus: You'll meet other people who love movies. Other bonus: You'll help out something mom-and-pop-y, which we can all get behind. More bonuses (bonus-i?): Walking distance to Melrose, Canter's, Farmers Market and plenty of eating/drinking places. Final bonus: The warm fuzzy feeling you'll get in your toes when you brag to everyone about what you're doing to help culture grow 'round these parts. You're so awesome!

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