The Grove Glows

Five for Fighting rocks festive free bash.

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It's free, it's ginormous, it's overflowing with stars (on trees) and stars (on stage, talking and singing) and the faux snow that falls, even on a warm Southern California night? Makes everyone giggle like sugared-up tots while they dig around various bags for their camera phones.

We're talking about the Grove's annual tree-lighting -- the eighth lighting celebration, if you can believe it -- and, no surprise, there's bunches going on. Cadillac and "Sherlock Holmes" are behind it, so expect lots of "Sherlock Holmes"-y stuff afoot.

Do you want to dress Victorian? We've seen more outlandish get-ups around the Grove. So, why not?

Five for Fighting, Della Reese, Jon Secada, and Cirque du Soleil performers will all be on the tree-close stage; and, as is tradition, a bevy of thespians will be showing up to spread cheer. This year Dean Cain, Christopher and Kyle Massey, and Devon Werkheiser are on the sked.

The major extravaganza in a night packed with extravaganzas is the lighting of the massive tree, the puffy not-real snow, the fireworks show, and Santa's arrival, so be sure to get there in plenty of time with hours to spare. Would you want to make Santa miffed for missing him? We thought not. Sunday, November 22. 7:30PM (early arrival recommended).

Did we mention you should get there early? So early that you're asking your companions "are we too early"? That's how early.

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