The Last “Lost” Weekend

Bidding goodbye to our Oceanic pals, at the Paley.


It's a bit of a game of charades, talking about "Lost" just hours ahead of the series finale.

There are a lot of shrugs and winks and words left unspoken, all in the hopes of not spoilering anyone who doesn't want to be spoilered.

But "Lost" fans do want to celebrate the going-away of a principal obsession and television phenomenon. And they can, on Saturday, May 22, at the Paley Center for Media. Where they can then talk Jack-and-Katery all they like with others, without fear of the spoilering.

Not Others. Just others. We think. We hope?

And try their minds at trivia contests, to win prizes, and -- and! -- and watch the pilot with pop-ups. What's the pop-up for when Dr. Jack has Kate sew his side up while using the tiny liquor bottle from the airplane as anesthetic? A moment that has stayed with us in a shudder-y way. Good shudder-y.

The final episode airs on Sunday, May 23 on ABC.

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