The Phil's Festive Nights

Chanticleer, Pink Martini, and yes, "Messiah," will ring out at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

We're probably way past the stage where we should be wearing a plaid dress with a big velvet bow out in public and yet? And yet. And yet we always want to dress that way when heading out to a holiday concert. Something about the special-event-i-ness of it all makes us recall our youth, or Christmas youth, as presented by the movies.

And if anything puts us in the velvet bow state of mind, it is the LA Phil's seasonal slate of offerings. "Messiah"? Oh yes. The Klezmatics? Love. Pink Martini for New Year's Eve, twice? Hooray and hooray. Chanticleer and swing and two nights of a rousing sing-along are also on the bill.

Oh, and the always chest-reverberating Holiday Organ Spectacular. That's where you feel the music. Well, you feel it at each of the shows mentioned, we imagine, but, you know what we mean. Organ is all about the wavelengths and sound ripples (Science, please leave us be on that particular description; we know there's more to it than that, and we respect that).

Everything kicks off with "Messiah" on Wednesday, December 14 and runs right through New Year's Eve. Nights vary, tickets vary, but the urge to velvet-bow-up never, ever varies. Which is right and good.

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