The Pop-Up Shop Puts on Some Weight

Wood carvings are the centerpiece at this brief browse spot.

When you think holiday-time pop-up store, do you think about tra-la-la-ing in, swanning about, picking up a teensy, pre-wrapped, five-ounce gift, and then tra-la-la-ing out? After paying for it, of course?

Pop-ups, with all of their ephemeralness, and easy-to-put-up-and-pack-up-ness, do sometimes lend the sense that the items inside are on the small, easy-to-move side. But going against this idea, in a wonderfully weighty way, is the Enkeboll Designs Pop-Up opening at 9008 Beverly Boulevard from Dec. 10-12.

That's because Enkeboll does not deal in knuckle-sized, pretty-but-preciously small trinketry. Rather, the company knows big, impressive wooden centerpieces, scrolled-out and detailed and divine.

Meaning at this brief three-day pop-up shoppers will find actual cornices and columns and moldings. Big, "honey, open up the trunk" stuff. And a nice add is that the West Hollywood Library Park will be a beneficiary.

Could this herald a new trend in pop-uppery? Will there be pop-up shops for large buildings and big swaths of land next? If that happens, note we predicted it in December 2010, please. Thank you.

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