The Southland's Surprise Santas

Mr. Kringle is popping up in some surprising spots.

TRAM TWINKLE: We like Santa where we like Santa. We like to see him eating the cookies we've left by the Christmas tree, and we like to see him on animated holiday specials, and we like to see him in a ornament-bedecked cottage in the middle of our favorite shopping mall. But sometimes we like to see Santa on a surfboard, and we like to see him ruling the zip line on Catalina Island, and we like our Kringle to be a bit out of the ordinary. Now, of course, Capitola's celebrity Santa surfer has already made for land this year, but you can still see the guy in red in a few unexpected spots around the lower part of the state.

LIKE... At the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, or rather at Mountain Station. He'll be there handing out the candy canes to tram fans on Saturday, Dec. 17. The Orange County/Anaheim Visitors Bureau has also kindly rounded up some unexpected spots to see Mr. Claus around the county. We're keen to visit Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar on Saturday, Dec. 17 and Sunday, Dec. 18. It's a beautiful setting, we can see Santa, and then we can pick up those last minute poinsettias we need to deliver to our pal's house. It's an all-in-one kind of trip. But Santa just makes life simpler around this time of year.

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