The West Coast's Biggest Pug-a-Rama

500+ PUGS: If you've ever seen two or three Pugs in a grouping, you've probably laughed. It's hard not to; the snarfly, curly-tailed dog is a natural clown, and is given to roly-poly antics when grouped with other foldy Fidos. Now multiply that number by a lot, until you get to 500, and try and picture what that looks like. But, honestly, you don't have to work up a sweat with imagining such a scenario; it is going to be going down at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 7. It is, in fact, "the largest gathering of Pugs on the West Coast," according to organizers. And that is nothing to snarfle at.

DOGLY DETAILS: There is a theme -- "The Emerald City -- There's No Place Like Home" -- but your puggy doesn't have arrive in his best Scarecrow or Dorothy outfit. If you want to do a costume, go to town, and think outlandish (it is hard to beat a pompadoured Elvis arriving in a tiny pink Cadillac). An adult ticket is $10, and note that your money will help the Pug Rescue of San Diego County. And expect to be counted, or, rather, to have your pup counted; the people behind Pug Rescue of San Diego County say they really do count every Pug trotting in the gate. Guess you have to, when you have that "biggest on the West Coast" billing. Arf arf, or snarfle snarfle, rather.

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