This Year's — Or Rather Next Year's — Snowboarding Dog

Will you peek at the Rose Parade float list before the big event?

After much study and thought, we've come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of Rose Parade viewers. The first set is probably by far the largest. Those are the people who turn on the television, or grab some curb, and admire each float as it proceeds at a grand and floatly pace down Colorado Boulevard.

Then there are those that just have to know. They want to know what companies are sponsoring what floats, and the themes, and the concepts that went into the building. There's usually some clicking around various web sites and reading up on botanic materials and such.

Both groups, we get you. And while we like being surprised come the morning of Jan. 1, we also wish we knew, on occasion, a bit of extra background of various floats. Like that snowboarding dog on Natural Balance Pet Food last year. How did he train? Questions.

If you can't wait, the Tournament of Roses has a list up of backing companies and groups. We popped over to one group's site and peeked at their plans. Spoiler: The Downey Rose Float Association is going with "A Stroll Down Memory Lane" for its 2011 float. Looks like a gazebo is involved. LOVE a gazebo on a moving vehicle. Not enough of those in this world.

And you heard that Cirque du Soleil has a float as well? It's "IRIS"-themed ("IRIS," of course, being the troupe's upcoming Hollywood extravaganza)? Are they going to trapeze that thing right out? We'll all need to tune in for that one. Pasadena meets Montreal indeed.

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