Three Gardens, Three Parties

PASADENA WINE FESTIVAL: Two nights -- give it up for two nights! -- and too delightful. Delightful because it is at one of the peacockiest spots in all of Southern California, the glorious LA County Arboretum. Get lost a little. Plus, labels from the U.S., Down Under, and Spain are part of the fun. October 3rd-4th, 4:30-10PM. We talked about the peacocks, right? But did we mention the "Fantasy Island" house?

HORTICULTURAL FAIRE: It's the first annual, says Descanso Gardens. We like "first annual" anythings. Why, exactly? Because the hosts want to do it up big out of the gate, and we're betting that's in Descanso's plans. If you have a garden, want a garden, or are just trying to keep that basil alive out on the balcony, strolling this growing-things fest should be a must. Plus, outdoors in the fall=happiness. October 9th-11th.

DRAMA AFTER DARK: A NIGHT OF THE MACABRE WITH POE AND GOREY: Absolutely buy your tickets now if you're a fan of chilling literature, of strange tales acted out by moonlight, of offbeat pre-Halloween to-dos. This event is pop-u-lar. Also, and this is a major also: The Huntington is staying open late into the evening. Meaning you get to wander the gardens in the dark. We're feeling a jittery joy at the thought. Saturday, October 24th 

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