Tickets Still Available for “Glee” Writers’ Night

Ryan Murphy will be on the stage at the WGA Theater.


[UPDATE: Tickets are now sold out.]

When we first saw that "Inside the Writers Room: Glee" would be presented by the Paley Center for Media at the WGA Theater, we knew tickets would be as scarce as a cracked high C on the show.

And they did appear to be. Then when all of those Emmy nominations came down last week, we knew seeing an actual available ticket was as unlikely as Sue Sylvester ever apologizing to Mr. Shue for all of those hair jibes.

We also knew that one day we'd have to stop saying "we knew tickets would be scarce" and then saying how scarce with a reference to the show. And that is this day.

But. A quick check-in with the Paleyians tells us there are "a few" tickets left for the Monday, July 12 evening. Ryan Murphy will be there, and other showly scribes.

A ticket is $15. The WGA Theater on Doheny (not 3rd) is the spot. Get on this if you were ever going to get on something like this.

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