Today in Bacon: Soap, Scarf, Scent

BACON SOAP: We saw Seattle store Archie McPhee on a recent Travel Channel show and were reminded that we really want to make the trek north for a visit. It's the walk-around-and-look-at-the-kajillion-wacky-products factor; in these times, we're craving harmless laughs. And harmless laughs often come from trying on ridiculous hats and playing with zombie action figures and the like. And bacon soap, which the store sells. Good news: No trek northward is needed; you can buy the meaty-"make-me-clean" block of suds online.

BACON SCARVES: This one has been on our wrappable radar for awhile. Because bacon and neck scarves have generally the same length/shape, so it makes sense to unite them. We know a knitter. Should we ask for a bacon scarf for our birthday? Or perhaps we will just purchase one from Shopsin's General Store. The brown, butcher-style paper it arrives in is note perfect. The question is, will you like explaining to passersby that you're wearing bacon? You probably will.

AND FINALLY...THE BACON AIR-FRESHENER: But will it bring the dogs running/begging from the other room? We're trying to think of how this will be in our car after a 97-degree day where the AC is busted. Should the mouth water over an air-freshener?

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