Tomatomania! Delish Tour on the Roll

It's that time of year, lycopene lovers: Get your info, your seedlings, and your heirloom love on at a location near you.

WHAT'S THE MOST SUMMER THING, like, ever? Is it running through a sprinkler while squealing with pure joy? Is it watching a pair of hummingbirds dance around a feeder full of nectar? Or is it a piece of country bread slathered in lightly salted butter and topped with a couple of generously sliced heirloom tomato slices? Okay, okay, you got us: These all exemplify the warm spirit of warm weather, as do about a thousand other classic pursuits/foods/pastimes. But surely, even if you adore 100 different summery things, you'll want to make sure you're well-tomato'd well in advance of the season even arriving.

THAT MEANS... springtime tomato plant tending, and before the tending can begin, the purchasing and learning. That's where Tomatomania! comes in, that on-the-road, all-around-California tour that puts those who love their lycopene, and juicy, multi-hued fruitstuffs, in contact with experts and a host of heirloom-handsome seedlings. If 2017 is the year you boost the tomato's presence in your own garden, or you improve upon the plants you have, best...

CHECK OUT THE SCHEDULE: There's an early-March start for the tour in Corona del Mar, and a final, near-the-end-of-April stop in Sonoma County. Between those two lovely locations? Tomatoists can talk seeds 'n more in Ojai, Culver City, and other Golden State spots. Even juicier than the juiciest heirloom picked at the height of July? Tomatomania! is free to attend. It's that time, garden people and eaters of succulent, sandwich- and salad-ready orbs of goodness: Find where the tour will land near you.

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