Tonight: George Lopez at Nokia

The comedian is once again merrying-up the end of the year.

GEORGE LOPEZ: What would the close of December be without the annual Nokia gigs by one Mr. Lopez? Certainly drearier. We'll also remind everyone that the comedian was inducted into the theater's hall of fame -- actually, he was the very first inductee -- just over a year ago. He had a show last night, another tonight, and one on Wednesday, Dec. 29.

CIRQUE SHANGHAI BAI XI: Several acrobatic-filled performances -- including a New Year's Eve matinee -- are straight ahead in Cerritos. The spinning of plates is always an amazing feat, and even more so seen live. We're counting dozens of plates in the image on the Cerritos Center site. Dozens and dozens. Tonight's show is at 7:30 p.m.

"GODFATHER" DOUBLE FEATURE: That's I and II, both playing at the New Beverly tonight. Often you'll see the epic films playing over the course of a weekend day, so we always like to make note when a cinema screens them both on a weeknight. Meaning the second film starts at 10:15 p.m. You know the seats'll be filled, work or no work tomorrow.

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