Tonight: Snow 90210 Rodeo

Three full blocks of flurries are predicted in Beverly Hills.

SNOW 90210 RODEO: Temps may be creeping up, and the afternoons are feeling balmy, but the Rodeo Drive site states with certainty that there's "100% Chance of Snow For Beverly Hills on Thursday, Dec. 9." Horse-drawn sleighs and various in-stores to-dos around the tony shopping stretch will be breaking out, if not the mittens, then wintry touches suitable for a 75-degree day in LA. Note that Brighton Way is expected to get some of the brrr-y action, too.

AIMEE MANN'S CHRISTMAS SHOW: Wouldn't every songster love to have a seasonal gig as welcomed and warmed to and ultimately as sold out? There's a sweet SoCal sadness to a lot of the carols, but that's okay, seeing as how saccharining down now and then is a wise thing during this time of year. Plenty of special guests will be showing at Largo at the Coronet over the next four nights, including Michael Penn.

ALSO: Downtown Art Walk is bringing back the Art Walk Lounge tonight. And a dozen artists will be "painting live" tonight, and the artworks that result will be for sale. The gallery-looking starts about noonish, as always, and things go semi-weeknight-late, as always, or at least through about 9 p.m. Eying a map first is always advisable.

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