Total Turn On: Power Strip Switches On with Any Remote

Couch potatoes are celebrating another technology break through. Shenzhen Lanwei Electronics has come up with a new power strip that can be switched on and off by using any remote control your house. Now you operate your favorite lamp from the comfort and safety of your Lazyboy. Ok, there is a more practical reason too.

Shenzhen says the device is actually designed to conserve energy…the regular kind, not the calorie kind. Even though you may have pushed the power button on your stereo, phone charger, or fax machine it still draws a tiny bit of power. The combination of all these devices in your house trickling streams of power adds up. In relative terms, this could mean somewhere between 5-10% of your electricity bill is being wasted-- around $100 a year by some estimates.

With Shenzhel’s remote power strip, consumers can easily switch the offending power sucking devices without having to unplug anything. Other manufactures have developed similar ‘remote-less’ versions called SmartStrips. Check out the video to learn more. Thanks to Gizmodo for highlighting this one.

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