Town-Big Yard Sale in Los Alamos

Spend the first Saturday of May looking for bargains and treasures in the wine country burg.

SPRING CLEANING... can go deep into one's filing cabinets and closets, or hit the surface of the pantry and linen shelves, or happen not at all. It's not a rule that, come April, we need to dig into our stuff and dig out what is no longer useful or much loved by us. But stuff-digging-out and item-pondering-over isn't just a pursuit that belongs solely to an individual or couple or family. Sometimes whole neighborhoods and even towns get into the act, when March and April and May roll onto the calendar. These events are typically a group thing, an anyone join-in kind of deal, so if you live in the town, you're welcome to roll out those old roller skates and lamps and pots and pans to the curb, the better to be ready for lookie-loos. Morro Bay just did it, a few weeks back, and now Los Alamos is up on...

SATURDAY, MAY 6: If you know this gem of a Santa Barbara County village, you know that A) it isn't as large as Morro Bay, so do note that this will be smaller than the Central Coast city's Citywide Yard Sale and B) you'll be right at the doorstep of Santa Ynez Valley wine country when in Los Alamos, with Solvang and Los Olivos both becking and calling, and all of those outlying wineries. Call it a garage sale/sip nice kind of weekend, if wine and bargains are your deal. Another charmer? Los Alamos has a very Old West vibe, making it a fine spot to check out while checking out what people are selling from their driveways and yards. Wouldn't it be grand if more Golden State communities got together to clear the cupboards and attics more often? It's a tourism, flea-fun match-up, with one of wine country's smallest and sweetest gems up next.

ADDING TO THE FUN? There's a pancake fundraising breakfast at the senior center that morning, so stop by and carb-up before your day of yard sales and wine tastes. As far as your map goes, as to where the yard sales might be located? Pick that up at the Los Alamos Post Office.

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